Telemetron 2019 – TELEMETRY MAGAZINE

Dear Customers,

With great pleasure, we have prepared the next issue of the Telemetron magazine, where we can share with you information about our new projects, solutions, and implementations of telemetry systems, telematics, industrial internet of things (IIoT) and professional monitoring of vehicles and wild animals. Traditionally, you will find examples of applications implemented by our partners who successfully install telemetry modules in places that are often exotic for us: e.g. at the airport in Kenya – at the modernization of a pumping station or in Chile – by performing remote monitoring of water filtration installations. Like every year, Mr. Maciej Sawicki from Control System summarized his new implementations of telemetric systems in the water/sewage industry. Using the MT-151, MT-331 and MT-713 modules, Control System created many interesting applications, including ones for monitoring flows and pressures on water mains. A similar topic is included in the article on the use of MT-151 modules at the MPWiK pumping station in Lębork, Poland. We would like to thank DataLand company for performing a description of the supervision, control and data acquisition system based on telemetry and LTE routers at the Municipal Services Department in Baborów. Telemetry has also been successfully proven in lighthouses, being used for remote diagnostics of navigation lamps. We thank our Partners for the descriptions of implementation! We wish you more successes!

This year, the AB-MICRO company, from which InVentia derives, celebrates its 35th anniversary. On this occasion, President Jerzy Białousz summarized the activities of both companies on the Polish and global market and outlined the strategic directions and new challenges facing InVentia to meet the needs of new, promising fields of telemetry applications such as agriculture, horticulture and fruit farming. Professor Waldemar Treder presents this topic in the article „Telemetry in the Orchard” from the Institute of Horticulture in Skierniewice, authority in the field of irrigation and fertigation of plants.

The current catalog of our products inside this issue has been divided into various application groups to help you choose the right device model. In addition, at the end of the bulletin, we have included a tabular summary of modules divided by resources, functionalities, and auxiliary equipment.

We invite you to read!


Table of contents

  • INVENTIA Sp. z o.o. Short description of activity – page 2-3
  • Passion & experience – the success of the President’s vision – page 4-6
  • Guide to telemetry modules – introduction – page 8-9
  • Modules for monitoring and remote control, without programmable logic – page 10-15
  • Battery powered modules with waterproof housings – page 16-23
  • Modules for monitoring, remote and local control, with programmable logic (PLC) and communication with external devices (not applicable to MT-100) – page 24-35
  • Gateways with programmable logic – page 36-39
  • GPS / GPRS tracking modules – page 37-43
  • Special modules for lifts ( alarm communication) and new modules dedicated to cathodic protection – page 44-49
  • IoT device family – page 50-53
  • Additional modules: expanders, sensors, buffered power supplies, converters – page 54-59
  • Sensor for loading and unloading – page 60-59
  • Support for GENIBus protocol in MT-151 – page 63-65
  • Telemetry in the orchard – page 66-69
  • Irrigation according to the set plan – an interview – page 70-73
  • DATAPORTAL – SCADA 4.0 – page 74-77
  • Implementations: MOBICON controls the work of the pumping station – page 78-79
  • Implementations: Telemetry for the people of the sea – page 80-81
  • Implementations: Telemetry Modules in Control System applications, Poland – page 82-100
  • Implementations: Remote monitoring of the water filtration plant of Proyex, Chile – page 101-103
  • Implementations: Implementation of DTL Monitoring DATALAND, Poland – page 104-109
  • Implementations: Modernization of the Blink Electrics Ltd. water pumping station, Kenya – page 110-111
  • Comparison table of telemetry and location modules, expanders and converters – page 112-115