The Company’s Management

Jerzy Białousz – founder and President since the beginning of the company’s existence. Actively supports development, sales and marketing activities. He is a pet lover, mainly cats. When not working, you can find him resting in the bosom of nature.

Zbigniew Betkier – member of the board, Director of Market Development and Customer Support Department. An oasis of peace and a repository of telemetry knowledge. Mountain hiking passionate. In 2009 he has got to the top of Mont Blanc in the Alps and in 2018 – Stok Kangri, Himalayas.

Artur Wiśniewski –  member of the board, Chief Technology Officer. He trains acroyoga with dedication. A photography enthusiast.


Zarząd spółki InventiaFrom left to right: Zbigniew Betkier, Artur Wiśniewski, Jerzy Białousz.