About us

About us

INVENTIA Sp. z o.o. was established in 2001 by spinning off into a new business the experienced design and construction department of AB-Micro, a company operating on the industrial automation market since 1984 as authorized distributor of Barco, Eplan, GE FANUC, GE Power Controls, Intellution and Hirschmann products.

INVENTIA has specialized in professional applications of GSM/GPRS and GPS mobile technologies since the very beginning, gaining a position as a global vendor of telemetry and location equipment within a few years. INVENTIA’s solutions are developed by specialists having many years of experience in automation, telecommunications and IT technology.

The mission of the company is to provide a wide range of customers at home and abroad with its own, constantly improved and innovative technical solutions that are the basis of modern wireless data transmission systems for the stationary and mobile telemetry. Our mission is to develop and deliver comprehensive hardware and software solutions based on the latest technological advances in electronics and telecommunications.

Our solutions are distinguished by high quality of products, a 3-year warranty for professional-grade devices, innovative functionality, open architecture, scalability and the use of proven industry standards. User-friendly configuration and integration tools provide easy integration of INVENTIA’s products with SCADA-based systems, relational databases, and management systems.

More than 40 authorized partner companies cooperate with us in Poland, implementing complex solutions in various branches of industry. We are constantly developing our exports and distribution network outside our country. We are proud that a Polish product and Polish technological concepts are becoming the world standard for professional telemetry solutions and remote location. MT series telemetry modules have been awarded with prestigious prizes in Poland – Gold Medal of the AUTOMATICON Fair, Grand Prix of the WOD-KAN Fair, and PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2012 of Control Engineering Poland.

Our market success in Poland and in the world was built jointly with AB-MICRO, with which we were pioneers in promoting professional GPRS telemetry. Today our references consist of more than 120,000 telemetry and locating devices working in Poland and 65 countries worldwide, among them are Austria, Denmark, Sweden, France, Germany, Norway, Finland, Russia, Slovakia, Great Britain, Spain, Israel, Belgium, USA, the Netherlands, Turkey, Thailand, Greece, South Africa, Croatia, Colombia, Mexico, Malaysia, Tunisia, Switzerland, Vietnam, Romania, Mauritius, Taiwan, Chile, New Zealand, Congo, Italy, Hungary and Trinidad and Tobago.

The design, production and sales processes as well as services provided by INVENTIA are covered by the ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System.

Automaticon 2015

Jerzy Białousz
“Electronics, IT and telecommunications are the areas on which we build a competitive advantage and whose synergy brings us essential and real progress. That’s the way we are thinking about telemetry. We use the latest achievements of technic and technology to create optimal solutions that change the daily work of many industries.
We are constantly improving wireless data transfer solutions to enable the implementation of even the most advanced and demanding stationary and mobile systems. We provide comprehensive hardware and software solutions that distinguish efficiency and professionalism, while being easy to implement and use.”
Jerzy Białousz

Our mission

The company’s mission is to provide a wide range of recipients in the country and abroad, created and constantly improved, ahead of competitive development, technical solutions that form the basis of modern, wireless data transmission systems for telemetry of stationary and mobile objects. We implement the company’s mission by creating and supplying comprehensive hardware and software solutions that use the latest technological developments in the field of electronics and telecommunications.

Company advantages

  • Worldwide provider specialised in telemetry and location tracking devices based on GSM/GPRS and GPS technologies
  • The reference base of over 120 000 telemetry and localization modules working in 65 countries worldwide
  • Highly qualified specialists, experienced in automation, telecommunication and IT technology
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System
  • Awards for the high quality of products: ORANGE GSM provider certificate, Gold Medal on AUTOMATICON Fair, Grand Prix on WOD-KAN Fair
  • The wide offer of different types of devices that meet the various requirements of users (telemetry modules with different resources, energy saving battery powered modules, location tracking modules)
  • The offer of telemetric SIM cards with static IP addresses in private APNs
  • Over 40 integrator companies authorised as INVENTIA telemetry partners providing turn-key solutions in various industry branches

Market strategy advantages

  • The telemetry modules that are ready to use, easy to install and configure by the user with modern user-friendly tools (without knowledge of AT commands, GPRS technology, complicated and time consuming programming, code testing and troubleshooting)
  • Capability of the remote configuration, control logic programming and firmware update of installed devices via GPRS
  • Open connectivity based on open standards
    • easy connection to standard devices (PLCs, I/O circuits, measuring devices) supporting standard communication protocols (e.g., Modbus RTU, Gazmodem, MBUS, NMEA)
    • easy integration with HMI/SCADA visualisation systems thanks to the standard
      OPC interface for data access
    • easy integration with user databases and IT environment using standard ODBC mechanism or CSV files
  • Reduced costs of ownership (remote maintenance and update, spontaneous transmission triggered by events, local mirroring of external device resources, advanced diagnostics, system scalability)
  • Easy integration of different telemetry modules, battery powered devices and location tracking units in one coherent system according to the user needs

Technical advantages

  • MT-101 telemetry module – “all in one” solution combining:
    • GPRS modem
    • PLC controller
    • data logger
    • communication protocols converter
  • High reliability, short implementation time, ease and convenience of use, low maintenance costs, high level of data security and access protection
  • The advantages over solutions based on PLC with external GPRS modem:
    • the modem is fully controlled, normal operation is recovered in case of critical errors (modem hang-up)
    • ready to use advanced functionality without creating complex applications for modem control by AT commands
    • capability of remote (via GPRS) configuration, control programs changes and firmware update
    • built-in data logger
    • built-in converter for communication protocols used by external devices
    • built-in security system for the access control and data integrity protection
    • built-in advanced diagnostics of GSM/GPRS network and modem operation
    • built-in mechanisms for testing of GPRS network accessibility, communication recovery, and re-sending of non-confirmed frames
  • Advanced functionality of spontaneous, event-driven transmission – the optimum method for GPRS technology
  • The events can trigger data transmission over GPRS, SMS sending and dialling the phone number for caller identification (CLIP)
    • defined moments of time
    • changes of input states and internal flags
    • changes of analogue values (deadband)
    • crossing of alarm thresholds, diagnostic alarms
    • meeting conditions evaluated by internal programSupported event types
  • The events regarding the external devices are detected thanks to built-in local support of communication protocols (e.g., Modbus RTU, Gazmodem, NMEA, M-bus) and mirroring the resources of these devices
  • Available free of charge modern software tools for the user:
    • The intuitive software tools for local and remote configuration and programming of telemetry modules (MT Manager, MTconfig, MTprog)
    • The tools for local and remote firmware update (MTupdate)
    • The program for remote management of energy-saving modules (MTspooler)
    • The communication software for data acquisition by telemetry modules, GPRS modems, GPRS routers and Internet. The data are accessible via standard OPC
      and ODBC interfaces and CSV files
    • Optional offer of software for visualisation, data archiving, and for web-based analysis, reporting
      and diagnostics

Company history


Creation of Inventia Company


Production of location and telemetry modules for AB-MICRO


Development and starting production of the MT-101 and MT-201 telemetry modules


Gold Medal at the AUTOMATICON Trade Fair for MT-101 and MT-201 Telemetry Modules

Gold Medal at the Poznań Fair for MT-101 and MT-201 Telemetry Modules

Telemetry modules comply with the European Union Directives “New Approach Directives” and can be marked with the CE mark

Obtaining the “MOBILE PARTNER” CERTIFICATE from Polska Telefonia Komórkowa “Centertel”, the IDEA network operator (later acquired by Orange), for the implementation of products based on modern mobile technologies

Obtaining a CERTIFICATE for Telemetry Modules MT-101 GOOD PRODUCT from Polska Telefonia Komórkowa “Centertel”, the operator of the IDEA network, confirming its good quality

Development and commencement of production of economical telemetric modules of the MT-30X series: MT-301 and MT-302.


Launch of MT-703 to the market – first water-resistant (IP67) telemetry module


Grand Prix of Wod-Kan Fair for the MT-703 Telemetry Module

Obtaining the ISO 9001: 2000 certificate for design, production and sales as well as services provided by Inventia

Sales reached number of 8,000 modules sold to 12 countries in the world

A fruitful year in terms of introducing new devices to the market: MT-102, MT-303 and 304 are created. Also ML-211 – the first location module and MT‑501 – the first alarm module for elevators were produced.

The Inventia logo begins to appear on the products.


Inventia participates in AUTOMATICON Fair under its own name for the first time

Begining of production of first modules branded with logos of business partners

New modules appear in our offer MT-713 – the new version of MT-703, MT-202, EX‑101 and the first Xway location module based on ML-211.


Sales reaches number of 15,000 modules sold to 20 countries in the world

Modernized version of the module for elevators – MT-512 appears on the market


Inventia receives statuette for providing monitoring system of yachts during the Baltic Sailor’s Regatta of Solitary Sailors for the Polonez Cup

Inventia receives statuette for providing monitoring system of cycling marathon participants of the Bałtyk-Bieszczady Tour

Sales reaches number of 20,000 modules sold to 27 countries in the world

New devices at production – MT-723 – IP68 module dedicated to the water and sewerage industry, microPG – a customer-specific module and MT-021 – a cost‑effective module for monitoring and remote control without programmable logic functions.


Inventia receives statuette for providing monitoring system of yachts during the Baltic Sailor’s Regatta of Solitary Sailors for the Polonez Cup

Inventia receives statuette for providing monitoring system of cycling marathon participants of the Bałtyk-Bieszczady Tour

MT-723 Telemetry Module is the winner of the 16th Technology Awards 2011 by Magazine Measures

Sales reaches number of 30,000 modules sold to 27 countries in the world

New products are added to our offer: MT-723 PT – waterproof module with build-in pressure sensor, MT-100, MT-101 3G – the first module using 3G technology and location modules: ML-231 – successor of ML-211 and ML-931 – energy saving location module for wild animals and other mobile objects


The MOBICON serie of modules was awarded with title of Product of the Year 2012 by the Competition Committee of Control Engineering Polska magazine and with votes cast by readers and Internet users.

Development of a more advanced version of the MT-101 – the most popular module among our clients. The MOBICON family also comes into production with MT‑151 LED and MT-151 HMI modules

Over 6,000 pumping stations use Inventia MT-101 telemetry modules


Sales reaches number of 40,000 modules sold to 27 countries in the world

New modules are introduced to the market: MT-251 – communication gateway, MT‑020 – simple monitoring module and MT-331 – the successor of MT-30X modules family


Inventia wins for the first time Gazela Biznesu – award for the most dynamic Polish enterprises in the XV. Edition of the PULS BIZNESU journal ranking

Starting production of RM-120 – RS-232 to M-Bus converter module

Sales reaches number of 50,000 modules sold to 35 countries in the world


Inventia wins a Gazela Biznesu second time in a row

Sales reaches number of 60,000 modules sold to 47 countries in the world


15th anniversary of establishing Inventia company

Development of MT‑651 and MT‑652 – control and measurement modules for cathodic protection is finished

Starting of development of DATA PORTAL project – modern, operating in the cloud IT solution allowing users of Inventia telemetry modules to take advantage of a convenient and cost-effective access to visualization – graphical presentation of numerical data in the form of colorful animated images and graphs.

Sales reaches number of 70,000 modules sold to 49 countries in the world


Inventia is awarded with the Diamond of the 2017 title by Polish Forbes magazine – it is confirmation of our position among the best companies on the Polish market

We start providing new, modernized version of modules – MT-713 v2, MT-151 LED v2 and MT-151 HMI v2

We introduce new branch of our products – IoT LORA based sensors

New device – MT-156 HMI is added to MOBICON family

Sales reaches number of 80,000 modules sold to 53 countries in the world


Once more Inventia is awarded with Gazela Biznesu by Puls Biznesu magazine

Sales reaches number of 90,000 modules sold to 57 countries in the world

Over 110,000 telemetry and vehicle tracking modules sold to 63 countries in the world