Control System and Inventia on the H2O Accadueo International Water Exhibition in Bologna

H2O Accadueo International Water Exhibition in Bologna is an event focused on technology, treatment, distribution and sustainable development in the water and sewage sector for cities and industry. This year [...]



i-Pozo - a Remote Terminal Unit For Fully Automated Fresh Water Wells

i-Pozo RTU is a product oriented to operate Fresh Water Well pumps in a fully automated way, developed by Ingeniería Computacional (ICH) Mexican Inventia’s Distributor. i-Pozo was developed in consequence for the requirements of many [...]



Telemetry modules in Middle Kingdom (China)

The microPG telemetry module for collecting data from distributed set of points in heat network has been designed and is currently produced in close co-operation with Inventia. On the basis of this cooperation, several OEM solutions have been created in the past for PG's needs [...]


Inventia is a global supplier of telemetry and vehicle localization products based on GSM 2G/3G/LTE and GPS mobile technologies. Founded in 2001 and located in Warszawa, Poland, Inventia has become one of the leaders in professional GPRS telemetry having sold over 90 000 telemetry and vehicle localization modules to 57 countries in the world. Success of Inventia has been built by team of industrial automation, telecommunication and IT specialists with long-term engineering experience. Inventia is a reliable supplier with certified ISO 9001 Quality Management System. Scope of the offer includes not only telemetry and localization modules but also open architecture solutions based on proven industrial standards.

Inventia delivers easy to use configuration and system integration tools providing open connectivity to customer SCADA systems, relational data bases and data management systems.