i-Pozo - a Remote Terminal Unit For Fully Automated Fresh Water Wells Developed By ICH-Mexico Based On Inventia MT-151 Led Controler


i-Pozo RTU is a product oriented to operate Fresh Water Well pumps in a fully automated way, developed by Ingeniería Computacional (ICH) Mexican Inventia’s Distributor. i-Pozo was developed in consequence for the requirements of many Water & Wastewater companies in Mexico requiring a sophisticated RTU in order to fully automate the local operation of fresh water wells; with telecontrol from SCADA Control Center capabilities, and an excellent Price/Quality Ratio product in order to be competitive in the Mexican market.


  • Inputs
    • Discharge Pressure
    • Flow and totalizer
    • Aquifer Level
    • Intrusion detection
    • State of the pump equipment
    • Power meter (voltage, current, energy, etc.)
  • Outputs
    • Start/Stop pump when connected to medium voltage motor starter
    • Pressure or level set point when connected to a Variable Frequency Drive
    • Intrusion annunciation (Siren/Light)
  • Data logger
    • Hydraulic variables
    • Electric variables
    • Alarms/Events
  • Communications
    • GPRS to SCADA Central Station (by polling and/or unsolicited messages, sending of logger)
    • Wi-Fi for Intrusion System


i-Pozo is an integration of the following hardware equipment:

  • Inventia MT-151 LED
  • Power Meter, connected via Modbus protocol
  • Variable Frequency Drive via Modbus protocol
  • Flow meter via Modbus or HART protocol
  • Pressure and Level meters via 4-20 mA
  • Wi-Fi Access Point, access control functions


i-Pozo operation is based on an unattended mode, it doesn’t need an operator to start or stop pump remotely. The operation rules are downloaded to MT-151 LED from a SCADA control center, rules like: scheduler: day-time to operate; limits for: pressure, flow, current, etc., are part of the application.


The i-Pozo RTU is communicating in a two-way mode using GPRS with an SCADA Control Center executing ControlMaestro SCADA software, from Elutions. Connection between MT-151 LED and the SCADA software is based on OPC tools. The Man Machine Interface (MMI) developed for the i-Pozo RTU, enable users to interact in a very friendly way with the equipment on the field. There is no need to use additional software or MMI to retrieve information from the automated sites, SCADA software is the only tool needed by the end users in order to visualize, analyze and extract historical information. SCADA software performs several actions:

  • Variable process Real Time monitoring
  • Commands execution (start/stop pump, arm/disarm security system)
  • Analyze data in graphs, with data obtained from the real-time communications with i-Pozo RTUs, as well data obtained from loggers from i-Pozo
  • Configure remotely configuration and operational parameter for i-Pozo


One of the most important functions for our clients is to preserve the historical data event with poor communications. Most fresh water wells are located out of urban zones, this issue translated on communications terms means areas where wells are located has poor GSM coverage, then the SCADA software monitoring sometimes loose messages/data and the historical trend at the end of the day looks with data holes. To avoid loose of data i-Pozo is performing a data logging of all hydraulic and electrical variables, a very useful MT-151 LED data and event logger resource. Then when communications are good enough logger is transmitted to SCADA control center and a recovery data procedure developed by ICH is executed to insert the data coming from logger into the SCADA historical files using the time stamp field to organize data.


ICH developed an Access Control to grant access to pump rooms, system can be armed / disarmed from the SCADA Control Center, and/or using an APP installed at customer’s smartphones and communicating with i-Pozo RTU via Wi-Fi. Access control system at well location integrates a siren, infrared sensor, door looks, etc. All access to the pump room is registered in the SCADA control center.