Control System and Inventia on the H2O Accadueo International Water Exhibition in Bologna

H2O Accadueo International Water Exhibition in Bologna is an event focused on technology, treatment, distribution and sustainable development in the water and sewage sector for cities and industry. This year edition had a Polish accent – thanks to courtesy of Servitecno – an Italian Inventia’s distributor, Maciej Sawicki from Control System – multiple winner of Partner of the Year award for the highest level of implemented applications and a huge supporter of using telemetry modules – had the opportunity to share his experience at presentation during the conference titled "Water 4.0. the evolution of the remote control for the efficiency of the integrated water cycle".

"Digitalization" is an investment driver not only for activities in the field of Industry 4.0, but also in Utility 4.0.

While discussing the subject of water companies, we are also talking about Water 4.0 (or Digital Water) to show how digitization can affect the management of the integrated water cycle.

SCADA systems and other remote management systems have become more and more important for the optimal conduction of aqueducts and wastewater management for several decades.

Today, thanks to the wide communication capabilities, on-line and mobile devices, Augmented Reality, IIoT, BigData and Analytics we see an increasing convergence between OT operating systems and information systems designed for reporting and decision support for those who run public utilities companies.

During the conference, it was argued that some of the methodologies, technologies and tools available today can bring significant results and benefits, with a positive return on investment, innovation and respect for people and the environment, reducing energy costs, water consumption and losses in production.

The conference gave the opportunity for an open international discussion supported by local experiences and the exchange of ideas and experiences among participants.

We invite you to read the presentation by Mr. Maciej Sawicki.