Telemetry Module MT-202


Terms of warrantyGalvanic isolation of I/O’s and portsUser programmableDevice supports SMS communication2G compliantDIN rail mountingBuilt-in RS-232 serial portBuilt-in RS-232 or RS-422/485 serial port


MT-202 module has been designed for easy, wireless integration via GPRS network of various remote intelligent devices (e.g. PLC controllers, I/O stations, measuring devices, operator panels) equipped with serial port RS-232/422/485.

MT-202 can be used as wireless, "transparent" serial port, but it can also play a role of a local Master querying periodically an external device for user defined resources (e.g. inputs, outputs, analog inputs, internal registers and flags). In such case MT-202 creates in memory a mirror of the external resources and detects alarms, state changes, analog value changes and fulfilled logic conditions incorporating raw and calculated values. Data are transmitted via GPRS according to user defined rules.

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