Telemetry modules in Middle Kingdom (China), Pipeguard

The Swedish company PG Monitoring System AB, with years of experience in monitoring district heating networks in the domestic market, has been using Inventia's telemetry solutions for many years. Last year, they made their first project in the People's Republic of China.

The project is the result of a number of presentations and demonstrations performed by Pipegurad over the past few years for companies involved in the production, distribution and collection of heat in several major cities in China. In Baotou city located in the northern part of China the first plant that produces heat energy using environmentally friendly solutions was built. Water is heated by the energy from the Sun through using a large network of solar panels and from wind farms. In this project Pipeguard was responsible for implementing a monitoring system for pipes and nodes used in heat distribution.

The People's Republic of China does not shy away from pro-ecological solutions. The picture above shows a street lighting system using solar panels as an energy source.

"As a provider of advanced surveillance systems dedicated to monitoring district heating networks, we have provided our Chinese partners with a fully scalable leakage control and moisture alarm system inside the pipe insulation," said Håkan Klarin, CEO of PG Monitoring System AB.

When the system detects the smallest leak (up to several centimeters of leakage occurring in the vicinity of the measuring point at a distance of up to 4000 meters of pipe), an alarm is triggered and information about the incident is sent to the surveillance and maintenance service staff. In addition, data is stored in the Pipeguard Web System (PGWEB), and is accessible from any location via the Internet using popular WWW interface.

The microPG telemetry module for collecting data from distributed set of points in heat network has been designed and is currently produced in close co-operation with Inventia. On the basis of this cooperation, several OEM solutions have been created in the past for PG's needs, which up to date have worked seamlessly on many customer systems. Additionally, based on the wide range of standard equipment from Inventia, Pipeguard can meet almost all customer needs for remote surveillance. Customers receive solutions that present differential pressure, flow temperature on input and output of pipe, flood levels, insulation leakage detection, and other parameters of the heat nodes.

At present, Pipeguard can boast references in which PGWEB system is used by customers of six capitals on different continents, from Los Angeles to Beijing. Scandinavia remains the largest market for our Swedish partner. "The clear growth in demand and orders received from China is extremely welcomed and allows us to look with optimism to the future. At the same time, we feel a huge boost that drives us to work. Our previously executed projects meet with great appreciation and customer satisfaction. There is no better reward than full customer satisfaction", adds Håkan Klarin with pride.