MT-713 – battery operated, energy saving meter and data logger with GPRS transmission


Terms of warrantyDevice available with MIM cardEnergy saving device or device with energy‐saving mode availableDevice supports SMS communicationBuilt-in GPS receiver2G compliantNumber of discreet I/O’sNumber of analog inputsDataloggerModule with higher IP classBuilt-in RS-485 serial port


The MT-713 module is an improved version of the MT-703 design, with 5 binary / counting inputs, 3 analogue inputs 0 - 5 V range with sensor power supply (powered only for the short interval of the measurements), and high capacity data logger (storing up to several thousands of records). The MT-713 allows operation with wider range of measuring converters, more frequent measurements (with lower energy consumption) and longer operational time without battery replacement (up to 10 years with lithium batteries). GPS option is also available.

The event-driven (spontaneous) data transmission capability ensures minimisation of the transmission costs and energy consumption, resulting in significant extension of the internal battery life. The simple and compact design, IP-67 rated plastic enclosure (IP-68 as an option) and ventilation plugs with membrane technology allow module installation in severe environmental conditions without external power supply (e.g., in measuring chambers of water supply systems). With the MT-703 module the user receives a free of charge communication driver MT Data Provider supporting data collection with use of GPRS modem, GPRS router, or Internet. This driver works on MS Windows 2000/XP/2003 platform and exposes real time data via standard OPC (OLE for Process Control) interface. The historical and real time data can be also written to CVS/XML files or via ODBC to the standard relational database (e.g., MS SQL Server, MSDE, Oracle). Such solution ensures open connectivity and easy integration with modern HMI/SCADA visualisation systems (animated graphics, trends, alarms), spreadsheets and data processing systems (billing, analysing, diagnostic and optimising systems).


MT-713 – enhanced version of MT-703 module

  • 5 binary/counter inputs, self powered (for potential-less contacts)
  • 3 analogue inputs 0-5 V, with periodically activated power for an external sensor
  • High capacity data logger (thousands of records)
  • Analog measurements in power saving mode without awaking of GSM/GPRS modem
  • Flexible scheduling of the measurements
  • Operation time up to 10 years without battery replacement
  • Remote update of configuration, RTC settings and firmware
  • Optional GPS unit for precise location of the module.












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