MT-331 - telemetry module


Terms of warrantyDevice available with MIM cardEnergy saving device or device with energy‐saving mode availableDevice supports SMS communication2G compliantNumber of discreet I/O’sNumber of analog inputsDataloggerDIN rail mounting3G compliant


MT-331 Telemetry module is a device replacing the whole MT-30X series of professional modules. The configuration allows emulating hardware resources of any 30X series module. In writing moment there are 33 combinations of configurations available.

The device is equipped with independent processor controlling integrated GSM modem, external sensors supply outputs , internal Li-Ion battery maintaining operation of the module and inputs connector. MT-331 is designed for monitoring,diagnostics and control of remote objects via GPRS data transmission and via SMS. Configured messages with static or variable content are an easy way of transforming information to monitoring center or directly to defined phone numbers. Alerts can be generated by inputs state changes, reaching threshold values, supply voltage drop or change of counter or timer values. Industrial design, and user friendly configuration tool along with possibility of supplying power from solar panel and full compatibility with MT-Data Provider are main assets for using MT-331 in wireless telemetry systems. Auxiliary 1-Wire input allows using typical Dallas thermometers and reducing cost of measurement, alarm and diagnostic systems. The Module cooperates with humidity, level, pressure, flow, smoke, gas, water, motion, vibration, noise and door sensors etc.

Main features of MT-331:

  • Aluminum housing wit detachable contact rail and optional DIN rail mount
  • 8 programmatically configurable inputs/outputs
  • Remote SMS/GPRS communication
  • Spontaneous transmission of information (SMS/GPRS) f.i. alarm messages
  • Operation log with capacity of 28000 records
  • Integrated configurable measuring and data transmission schedule
  • Supply from built in battery, DC supply or solar panel
  • Energy saving functions
  • Measuring and transmission schedule


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