MT-021 - SMS/e-mail module for remote monitoring, alarm and control applications


Terms of warrantyGalvanic isolation of I/O’s and portsDevice supports SMS communicationDevice supports e-mail
messaging2G compliantNumber of discreet I/O’sNumber of analog inputsDataloggerDIN rail mounting


MT-021 Telemetry Module with built-in GSM modem is a device dedicated for remote monitoring, diagnostics and control of objects via short text messages (SMS), CLIP calls and e-mail messages over GPRS. Configurable messages with static (text) or dynamic (text and measured values) content provide convenient way of passing important information to the monitoring center, or directly to the defined phone numbers or e-mail accounts. Sending of the messages can be time based or event triggered (e.g. change of binary input state, reaching alarm thresholds or deadband limits, marker state change, counter flag change, etc.). Industrial design, practical set of I/O resources, user friendly software tools as well as the ability to configure the module remotely via SMS commands are significant advantages of MT-021 in the wireless telemetry systems. Direct connection of temperature sensors (PT-100, NTC, 1-Wire) is an attractive solution, reducing cost of complete system. 1-Wire inputs can be used for reading typical Dallas pellets for the purpose of identification and authentication. The module can work with humidity sensors, water level sensor, pressure transducers, flow sensors, smoke, gas, motion, shock and noise detectors, etc. Built-in data and event logger keeps all details of operation history of the module with precise time stamps.

  • SMS and e-mail over GPRS support!
  • Galvanic isolation of I/Os!
  • Direct connection of temperature sensors (PT-100, NTC, 1-Wire)!
  • Built-in data and event logger (48K records)!
  • Remote configuration!
  • 3-year warranty!

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